Interview of His Holiness Younus AlGohar with all Indian Media

Date of the Event (Protest): April 23th 2007
Place of the Event: Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, India
The subject matter of the Interview: Mehdi Foundation International held a protest against the inhuman acts of Pakistan government, voicing against Pakistan Terrorist Islamist and Declaring Pakistan is Pro- Taliban country

Question: what are your social plans?
Well, we are a spiritual movement headed by his Divine Grace RA Gohar Shahi with the messenger of Love; it is not about any religion it’s not about any sectarianism it is all about humanity, peace and Love. And there are thousands of People who follow his Divine Grace RA Gohar Shahi in Pakistan and all over the world even in India there are people who believe because his Holiness has visited India in 1997 and he addressed 5000 people here and the following visit of His Holiness Gohar Shahi is in America, in Canada, Australia, England, all over Europe, and so many other countries of the Asia. So our basic principle is Divine Love, unifying the hearts and the souls of the people no matter what religion and sect they belong to.

Question: what is the population?
I told you they are in thousands I did not count, I cannot give you the specific number but they are in thousands.

Question: love and compassion in the name of Azaadi innocent people are being killed. What is your view?
Well as I perceive the problem this is deep rooted problem, and first as we see the conflict of Kashmir started because they were fighting over the land and then it became a grudge. When they lost East Pakistan which became Bangladesh and the Pakistan army holds grudge against Indian governmental Indian army because they think that India was involved in breaking Pakistan into two pieces. They are holding grudge against India and ever since they have made their goal and aim that they are going to do something nasty to India since 1971 since the fall of Dhaka. These atrocities have risen to an extreme degree and they are infiltrating people especially Islamic organizations.

Pakistan government is not sincere in solving Kashmir conflict. Simply because they want a land. they have lost a land and they want to regain a part of land this is because of the grudge they have in their hearts. This is why they are carrying out all these atrocities and terrorist acts. These militant organizations in Pakistan like Lashkar-e-Tayyaba. Jaish mohammad, harkat-ul-Ansar, sifaa-e-sahaba and so many other organizations which apparently have been banned by the government of Pakistan but under cover the government is supporting them, this is why the atrocities are still at large scale everywhere within Pakistan and in India also. So you may have realized that any government whether it was the government of Benazir Bhutto, or Nawaaz sharif government or General Pervez Musharraf government the agenda on Kashmir conflict is the same because this is a policy matter for the government. This is why they don’t differ on it.

Question: is it good to kill innocent people? 99% have come out, thousands of muslims have come out?
Well killing innocent people in the name of religion and in the name of GOD, doesn’t justify killing. Killing is just killing and it is not allowed in any religion, and those people who are carrying out the butchery and massacre of innocent people, whether they apparently belong to any religion. They do not belong to any religion these are the enemies of the humanity whether they claim to be Muslims or they claim to be any other. That’s my perception.

Question: Any other message you’d like to give me?
Actually these atrocities and terrorist acts are because of the hatred in hearts, in order to wipe out the hatred we must introduce practical substance of Love and that Love is to be filled in hearts and the hearts must be unified with the help of Kalki Avatar. And we here promote the divine teachings of His Holiness RA Gohar Shahi who has this authority to unify these hearts and he fills hearts with divine energy and he brings out the devil from our bodies and from our hearts. When finally, the hatred is wiped out from the hearts, Love is implanted and it is love that brings peace about. If we are not going to take out the hatred, wipe out the hatred from hearts no matter how lengthy speeches we make, no matter how apparent efforts we make it is never going to work out. In order to bring about peace, we must implant true platonic love of God in our hearts and this is exactly the message of His Holiness Gohar Shahi. So we should pay attention.

So in order to see, there are differences and there are many idols of hatred. Religions have been corrupted because of the religious scholars who do have the knowledge of the book, but they do not have any spiritual insight. they do claim to practice the teachings of their religion but deep down in their hearts they do not understand the true meaning of their religion. Like these people Muslims, who claim to be true Muslims but they are using Islam as an instrumental and they are waging war against innocent humanity in the name of Holy Jihad. I mean nowhere in Qur’an or in the prophetic traditions Muhammad said kill any innocent human being. This is not jihad, the true understanding of Jihad is to wage war against those who want to eliminate your religion, and today Islam is in no danger in no country, there is no enemy of Islam. If India talks about Muslims, it talks in terms of terrorism because these Muslims are responsible for bringing terrorism and atrocities in India and India wants to face God, its country, its motherland and its people, they should not be bothered about it. So these people who claim to be Muslims they are actually carrying out massacre and butchery of innocent beings in the name of religion. This is total hypocritical disorder and this is not Islam, Islam originally was the religion of peace but since the introduction of these sectarian elements in Islam, Islam has turned out be a monster, it has been distorted” the image has been gone”.

Question: Islamic terrorism is a world wide issue.
It is everywhere now

Question about Terrorism
Yeah, see the problem is Islamist terrorism is not confined to one country or one region, it is spreading like a cancer all over the world whether it is India, whether it is the parliament house in New Delhi whether it is train in Mumbai, or whether it is Casablanca, whether it is Madrid, whether it is the London bombings or September the 11th in New York, America. You will see one hand, one master mind behind it. Taliban, Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda these are the Muslim terrorist organizations.

Actually this indicates the end of the times, when the Anti Christ has to come into this world to spread hatred in the name of the religion. Fortunately, it is not only the anti Christ that has to come towards the near of the end of this world but also Kalki Avatar the promised messiah, and the Imam Mehdi also. So the best solution to this problem is that we unify, we bring about divine love in our hearts and we look for Kalki Avatar, because America is the most powerful nation on Earth. If America is not able to combat against these people, then people like India are not going to make a win over these people. We need to look for divine help we need to turn our heads towards Kalki Avatar because Kalki Avatar is supposed to help the humanity come out from the crisis of hatred and crisis of terrorism today we need to turn our hearts and our faces towards Kalki Avatar, promised messiah and it may be the only solution we may have for as far as we have seen a lot of movement but no results came out. This is my perception.

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