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This certificate was issued in Hyderabad, Pakistan





Animation of the Moon turning anti-clock direction






By turning the photograph of the Moon in anti-clock wise direction the images become clearly visible



Animation of the Sun turning clock wise direction

An image of Gohar Shahi is visible even on the Sun





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Animation of the Nebular turning clock wise direction



Hubble Brings "Eskimo" Nebula Alive ../news/hubble-00b2.html

Greenbelt - January 11, 2000-
The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a majestic view of a planetary nebula, the glowing remains of a dying, Sun-like start.
This stellar relic, first spied be William Herschel 1i 1787, is nicknamed the "Eskimo" Nebula (NGC 2392) because, when viewing through ground-based telescopes, it resembles a face surrounded by a fur parka.







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