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The Face on The Black Stone can be seen
when it is viewed upside down


The Image is so clear that no one can deny its existence.
"People are of this opinion that the image is the face of the awaited Imam Mehdi"

Karachi (Muhasib News):
According to a facsimile received from Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Hammad bin Abdallah has issued a press release from Makkah.
It states that prior to the pilgrimage, clear signs of a human image were visible on the Black Stone.

The image is inverted and for this reason is not visible at first sight but can be seen clearly once it has been pointed out.

Sheikh Hammad bin Abdallah has said that there can be two reasons for the image. It could either have appeared naturally or it maybe man-made.

As the Black Stone is heavily guarded by officials and given that there are masses of pilgrims around it at all times it is unlikely that any person would be courageous enough to make and place an image on the Black Stone.

The question arises, that if the image has always been on the Black stone then why has nobody noticed it? The image is so clear that it cannot be denied or rejected.






The Face on The Black Stone can be seen when it is viewed upside down


Sheikh Hammad has further stated that spiritualists in Mecca are saying that the image on the Black Stone is the face of the awaited Imam Mehdi who is present, somewhere in the world, and that the image exists so as people are able to recognize him.

The Sheikh has further stated that officials are very concerned about destroying the image, as an image is unlawful according to Islamic law and particularly as pilgrims compulsively bow in reverence and kiss the Black Stone as part of their ritual.
Further that if this is some mischief perpetrated by someone then there is an increased risk of Blasphemy.

The Sheikh said that due to the pilgrimage and the large crowds no immediate action was possible but this matter is now under serious consideration.This issue is very important and sensitive for the Islamic world and for this reason all the
news agencies have been sent this news by facsimile and the governments informed.
















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