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The Reality of Occultation

The Scripture says, “God created man in His own Image.” So, what is God like? In the same vein, this note unfolds the mysterious necessaries of Divine Personalities. Question: is there any difference between the two Names, Jesus Son of Mary and Jesus Christ? Jesus is His Name and Zath (entity) He belongs to, is Allah. As Son and as human being, His Name is al-Masih Jesus Son of Mary, the Prophet of Allah. If al-Masih Son of Mary is called, it is a mention of His Body.

When Jesus had privilege of visiting HH Ra Gohar Shahi in a Motel in USA, on the inquiry, he identified himself, “I am Jesus Son of Mary.” It is evident that this was a meeting in person. Is Soul a daughter or a son to anyone? If ‘Mutawafi’ means ‘Dead’, then why did the Quran say, “Jesus Son of Mary was raised up towards Him.” When person dies his body remains behind in this world and Soul is taken to celestial realm. If only Soul of Jesus was declared ‘raised up’, the Name Jesus Son of Mary would not have been used because Soul is not Son of Jesus Mary.

There have been many prophets in this world, and Kalima (Motto) began with Adam:
La Ilaha Illa Allah Adam Safiullah
La Ilaha Illah Allah Ibrahim kahalilullah
La Ilaha illah Allah Musa Kalimullah
La Ilaha Illah Allah Esa Rooh Allah
Safiulla, in Suryani, means Eminent One from Allah. Was eminence because of his Body? Not at all!
Ibrahim’s Body: was it Friend of God?
Musa Kalimullah: Did God speak to Musa’s Body?
Then, Does Esa Rooh Allah mean Esa’s Body? Not at all!
They are pre-existently Prophets, long before the creation of Bodies.
Esa Rooh Allah points towards His Soul. For His Body, the Name Jesus Son of God has been used. When Romans attempted to crucify Jesus, God raised up Jesus towards Him. Those in attendance there took Jesus has been killed because the sub-spirit or corpse looked alike Body, hence the doubt.

A mention of delicate and sweet-heart persona and occultation:
The prophet of Islam visited empyrean of God 34 times, once with physical Body and the other 33 times spiritually.

At the time of lone physical meeting, the Body of Mohammad (PBUH) was presented so that the uncreated theophanies of Allah pierced through across the Body of Mohammad. Mohammad is a non-human sperm; as such, to create endurance and capacity to carry the existence of Sarkar Gohar Shahi; assuch, this process occurred. The Body of Mohammad was created with ‘Sajrathun Noor’. Mohammad’s Body, the embodiment of Divine Light, is un-matched, immortal. Allah’s jussey roohi penetrated throughout the Body of Gohar Shahi. The terrestrial souls of Mohammad are present.
Somewhere Mohammad is printed on His Divine Body; elsewhere Allah, Ayathul Kursi, Surah Yaseen is printed. On the right palm of Sarkar Gohar Shahi, Ayathul Kursi is engraved, and Surah Yasin on forehead.
Surah Fatah is printed on Sarkar Gohar Shahi’s thumbs. In the Eyes of Sarkar, Riaz is printed like a drop. Right in the middle of Sarkar’s back, Mohammad is printed. I have seen all these Signs with my own eyes.

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