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A Christian visitor by the name of Mrs. Alice craving for Jesus Love in her Heart and looking for Eternal relationship with Lord
Date of the visit: Thursday, February 1, 2006
Place of the Visit: Mehdi Foundation International Office, Dubai. UAE
The subject matter of the visit: Granting the name of Jesus Christ to Her Heart with the given Authority by His Lordship RaRiaz Gohar Shahi

Mrs. Alice was very inquisitive to know more about the Jesus Christ and about The Teachings of His Lordship Ra Gohar Shahi.
Her Questions of faith were replied by His Holiness Ra Younus AlGohar.
The conversation took a place in online Spiritual Gatherings as followed:

Mrs. Alice: Who is Jesus?
H.H Younus AlGohar: Jesus the Spirit of God, Jesus is son of God and God incarnate in Human Form. He ascended to higher realms when he was 35. He returned to this world 9 years ago. Presently, Jesus is in Sri Lanka. Those who acquire Spiritual Union with Essence of Jesus, they would enter His World. Jesus would give them Eternal Life. Jesus is greater than All Prophets.

Mrs. Alice:
Sir, You told that lord Jesus is in Sri Lanka, Can you just tell me whether He is in human shape or Holy Spirit?
H.H Younus AlGohar: God created humans in his own form. There is no difference in Human or Divine FORM. He is present on earth in body of flesh and blood, the same body that sacred Mary gave birth to.

Mrs. Alice:
What is full baptism? The Christian people take full baptism to reach heaven; Bible says, please explain.
H.H Younus AlGohar: Baptism is like Blessings from a Spiritual Guide. John baptized Jesus, Although Jesus didn't need it. The Holy water is a metaphor rather than just water, Holy water means Enlightenment. We need to be baptized in order to purify our ego. No unclean man can enter heaven. Baptism is for Inner Purification this is why we need baptism. Only those can baptize masses who are appointed by Jesus. The Deputies of Jesus Those who are spiritually connected to JESUS.
Study of Bible or Qoran doesn’t connect anyone to Jesus or God. We need spiritual Sciences in order to connect our Hearts with God, in order to obtain Divine Love.
There are thousands of scholars of Bible and Qoran today, till we are divided into countless sects and groups. If we understood Bible and Qoran, we would have similar belief and faiths.

Mrs. Alice:
In Christian many people claim that they have Holy Spirit in them, they talk in different languages to God, please explain its reality.
H.H Younus AlGohar: Holy Spirit may enter any human being, no doubt; but you have to be purified. We have to revive and awaken our souls before Holy Spirit bless our inner with Its Divine Presence. Those who manage to get purified, Holy Spirit enters them and they may talk to God in any language.
I must tell you that Jesus doesn't stay at one specific place. He keeps traveling from one place to another.

Mrs. Alice:
How can we know that some person has Holy Spirit in him/her or he/she is purified or not?
H.H.Younus AlGohar: One who has the presence of Holy Spirit in them, they can purify other human beings. They can help bring Jesus and God's love in their hearts. One who suffers from hatred, he or she cannot be regarded as being purified. The Purified ones become LOVE from Head to Toe. Love is their religion. Through them people may access Jesus and God.

Mrs. Alice:
The person who has Holy Spirit in him/her, how I can identify them (because in Christians, many people claim that they have Holy Spirit in them)?
H.H Younus AlGohar: If somebody claims to have presence of Holy Spirit in them, they can purify your heart and soul and spiritually take you to Jesus. They can revive your heart and soul with Eternal Love. They can enlighten your heart and soul. God then manifests His Presence and attributes through them. Miracles appear through them. Incurable diseases go away with their spiritual power.

Mrs. Alice:
If I want to see Jesus, how should be my life to see Him?
H.H Younus AlGohar: his is why we are here. Say three times "Gohar Shahi Help me see Jesus" before you go to sleep. Recite; Jesus is Spirit of God. In few days you will see Jesus, God willing. Jesus may appear before you too.

Just after the conversation ended, Mrs. Alice closed her eyes and said three time” Jesus is Spirit of God”. His Lordship RaRiaz Gohar Shahi appeared before her and granted to her heart the name of Lord Jesus.
<<His Lordship RaRiaz Gohar Shahi is granting the Light of God to Every Heart
No matter what faith or nation you belong to>>

Mrs. Alice followed up her Interview with His Holiness Younus AlGohar
The update (February 1, 2006) as below:

H.H Younus AlGohar: Alice, I am only a representative of His Holiness Gohar Shahi. I am appointed to propagate His Divine Message. To spread the Divine Word is my Duty.
Mrs. Alice: Yesterday you told me to practice the sentences. I was in kitchen and I was repeating "Gohar Shahi help me to meet Jesus" then I went to bed and I felt some fear and disturbance, please explain why this happened?
H.H Younus AlGohar: When you try to bring God in heart, the Satan does his best to hinder in the way. Fear not, nothing bad can happen to you, for Gohar is only a Call away. Trust me; continue to practice as I told you. Those are Whisper in your heart. Keep reciting GOHAR help me bring Jesus in my heart.

Mrs. Alice:
I want to know about Gohar Shahi. Someone showed me His picture in the moon and I saw that clearly but I want to know about Him, please tell me. When I was reciting your words at home, His picture was coming before my eyes again and again.
H.H Younus AlGohar: GOHAR SHAHI is the Essence of LOVE and PASSION. His Eyes dispense Ecstasy. His Vine Body emanates vibes of Passionate Love. His Lordship is DIVINE LOVE Incarnate.

Mrs. Alice: Is He father of Lord Jesus?
H.H Younus AlGohar: His Royal Grace Lord Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus the Spirit of God is together. Alice, I leave it for you to determine. Personally speaking,
I have seen Jesus embracing him tightly. I have seen GOHAR SHAHI kissing Jesus’ forehead.

Mrs. Alice:
Ok, I shall do practice and I shall come back to you
H.H Younus AlGohar: Alice, we are here to help you bring Jesus in your heart. We Love Jesus, Jesus is for all not just for Christians.

Mrs. Alice: Martin, who accepted Christianity about 1 year before from Hinduism, He also wants to meet and see Lord Jesus. He is much thirsty to meet Jesus.
H.H Younus AlGohar: Welcome Martin. Martin should do the same as I told you. Take a picture of Jesus and before you go to bed, look at the picture. The basic Idea is to bring the Image of Jesus into your eyes to further send it into your heart. Once Picture becomes visible on the screen of your heart, the heartbeats will rise with the beats then synchronize Issa Rouh Allah (Jesus the Spirit of God).

Mrs. Alice:
How many days I have to practice this?
H.H Younus AlGohar: Until you see Jesus’ image on your heart. It normally happens within few days.



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