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An image of Gohar Shahi appears in the sacred stone
in the Shiv temple in Umer kot


A Divine Phenomenon


On  the right hand of His Holiness Gohar Shahi,
the name of the Prophet Mohammad is inscribed,

And on the finger of the left hand the name of God, 'Allah' is visible.

Some people have complained and asked why is the name of God, 'Allah' inscribed on the fingers of the left hand ?


"If I had created the fingers or if I had the name inscribed somehow then I would be rightfully accused.
God knows if this is by coincidence or a divine phenomenon.."






This image of Gohar Shahi discovered in Space is in fact a very powerful spiritual entity known as the 'Tifl-e-nuri' which is reserved for a few important Saints


This spiritual entity is mentioned in various books
written by Saints



An image of Gohar Shahi appears in the sacred stone in the Shiv temple in Umer kot


Countless people are coming with great affection, to see the image, Daily Mehran, Hyderabad.

Hyderabad (speciel correspodent) : The popular Sindhi newspaper, Daily Mehran in its 6th June 1998 edition published the news of the discovery of an image of Gohar Shahi on the sacred stone located with Shiv temple near Umer Kot. Countless people are coming to see the image.


Hindus are gathering with great affection and interest to see the image. A pamphlet was distributed regarding this issue and subsequently the stone has become a focal point for the masses.
The Hindu community is especially joyful and it celebrating the appearance of the image of Gohar Shahi.



Images of Gohar Shahi and Shankar Ji,
which have miraculously appeared on a marble tile in a Mosque
in Jhonk Shahrif, Rahimyar Khan, Pakistan.





An advertisement introducing His Holiness Gohar Shahi
given by the local Hindu community in the weekly 'Des Pardes'
which is published in London






Thousands in India are healed and returned to health
after receiving the spiritual grace and blessing from Gohar Shahi


Many ill Hindus saw Gohar Shahi healing them in there dreams,
many have their sight restored
and many dump are healed and are able to speak





On 7th October 1999 the San Francisco Sikh Society invited Gohar Shahi
to speak on the subject of Divine Love.

The Sikh Society published this item for the benefit of the local Sikh community.
It gave details about the teachings of Gohar Shahi and stated that this was a truthful and simple way to finding God and that these teachings should be adopted


An excerpt from an interview with Gohar Shahi in the Punjabi, Gurmukhi language


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