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A Divine Phenomenon

The Moon - The Sun - The Nebula - Mars

Photographs of the Sun and the Moon released by NASA, the largest investigating organization in the world,
based in the United States of America, upon which a face of a man from Pakistan has appeared.

Turn the Moon (M) and the Sun (S) as indicated. A full report below :


Animation of the Moon turning anti-clock direction




God said : " We will show you our signs  in the near future ,  in  the  Universe and    within   yourselves until   you   will   believe that this is the truth "


Iqbal : Look for his signs in the skies, land and Space, the signs belong to the one, who will appear from the East


By turning the photograph of the Moon in anti-
clock wise direction the images become clearly visible



Animation of the Sun turning clock wise direction

An image of Gohar Shahi is visible even on the Sun

The photographs of the Sun


The matching images of Gohar Shahi

Rotate the image of the Sun (above) clockwise
to see the different images of Gohar Shahi

Another image of Gohar Shahi,
from Jang Karachi Newspaper



This Photograph has recently appeared on a planetary nebula, a Sun-like start, it was released by NASA

For further details please visit

Animation of the Nebular turning clock wise direction



Hubble Brings "Eskimo" Nebula Alive ../news/hubble-00b2.html

Greenbelt - January 11, 2000-
The Hubble Space Telescope has captured a majestic view of a planetary nebula, the glowing remains of a dying, Sun-like start.
This stellar relic, first spied be William Herschel 1i 1787, is nicknamed the "Eskimo" Nebula (NGC 2392) because, when viewing through ground-based telescopes, it resembles a face surrounded by a fur parka.

Turn the above photograph anti clockwise to see a face which has something written on it



Many people say that this is imagination.
It should be noted that imagination is confined to the one that imagines.

Imagination cannot be found or contained in a camera or other photographic instrument.

Others say that this is telepathy or mesmerism. Places of worship, the land and the sky cannot be subjected to telepathy or magic and if this was the case then where is the truth?

Some say that the United States has received money and has manufactured and placed these photographs/images by using computer technology. Is Gohar Shahi wealthier than the United States?
If this was possible then the United States would have used the images of one of its popes/clergymen so as their country and religion would benefit and become famous.



Gohar Shahi's image in Mars



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