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The complete explanation about the images
on the Sun and the Moon


His Holiness Gohar Shahi delivered lectures and taught teachings of Divine
Love through out the world, this earned him, fame internationally.

In 1994, in Manchester England, some people pointed out the image of Gohar Shahi on the Moon. Thereafter many eyewitness accounts were reported from different countries. Photographs were taken of the Moon by using video equipment. Photographs of the Moon were then obtained from different countries and the Space agency NASA. In the beginning the facial images on these photographs were light. For the last two years the images on the Moon have become so clear that they can be seen without the use of binoculars or computer equipment.

In 1996 my representative Zafar Hussain referred this matter to NASA. The officials at NASA stated that they were aware of the image on the Moon. They further stated that the image was that of Jesus, which was in the form of a two hundred mile long light. American citizens also demanded very strongly from NASA to explain in respect of this issue.

NASA remained silent because His Holiness Gohar Shahi is from Asia. Moreover, Professor Dinsmore Alter, a NASA expert, in his book 'Pictorial Astronomy' distorted the image and presented it as that of a woman. It was then propagated in the Christian missionary, that the image on the moon was that of the Virgin Mary.

After the media publicised this news in Pakistan, A large number of people verified it only after thorough investigation. Some of the people, without the proper research and investigation, made fun of it and many regarded it as sorcery. Some time later, the image in Space was the talk of the town, but the impact and importance of this news was not seen except amongst the followers of Gohar Shahi. In 1998, a report was published in the newspaper 'Parcham' (Karachi) about a face that had been discovered on the Black Stone in Mecca.

I already knew of the existence of the image. I had in my possession many photographs of the Black Stone on which the face was marked and highlighted. Almost every follower of His Holiness Gohar Shahi had already researched and investigated the matter. The reason for my initial silence in this matter was to prevent chaos amongst the Muslims. I was encouraged by the reports published in the newspapers. Subsequently, press releases regarding this issue were published and distributed at a large scale. Almost every Muslim investigated this matter, as it was an issue central to their faith. Most of the population agreed and accepted this, as the image on the Black Stone was so clear that denying its existence was almost impossible. It was for this reason that many opponents popularised that the image is magic.

In nearly every country, photographs of the Moon and the Black Stone were introduced. Saudi Arabia and its allies became enraged, as if Gohar Shahi had himself placed his image on the Black Stone. They declared that images and photographs are unlawful and therefore, how can an image appear on the Black Stone? They failed to realize that any sign (from God) couldn’t be unlawful. The Saudi government obtained from its courts of Shariah, a judgment declaring the death penalty for Gohar Shahi. Further that if Gohar Shahi placed a foot in Mecca, that he be assassinated.

Even in Pakistan, sects supporting the Saudi government are strongly attempting to eradicate Gohar Shahi and his teachings and many assassination attempts have been made on Gohar Shahi.

An image of Gohar Shahi has now become visible even on the Sun 

I warned the government of Pakistan repeatedly the cause of the false cases filed against me and urge the government to investigate and research the matter of the images.

These signs from God have been rejected at government level on the basis of sectarianism. Furthermore the Nawaz government compelled the provincial government of Sindh to entrap, eradicate and remove Gohar Shahi by any means possible.

I am now in contact with the military rulers in Pakistan. I have asked them to investigate these signs from God without any prejudice, fear or pressure from any sect, and not to reject or ignore these signs from God.

The manifestation of the images is not meant to cause revolt and mischief, but rather to prevent such from occurring. This is proved by the fact that His Holiness Gohar Shahi’s teachings are based on Divine Love and Peace. Through these teachings, people of all religion began to reform themselves.

Due to the reverence they bear for His Holiness Gohar Shahi, the Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and Jews are now being united. This is an unprecedented event, whereby Gohar Shahi (whose appearance is that of a Muslim) is revered and invited to deliver lecture on pulpits of Churches, Temples and Guruduwara.

Such a man should be encouraged who is a pride for his country and whom God appoints. To prove whose truthfulness and 'Divine Ordination' God manifests these signs. By whose spiritual grace, people attained enlightenment of heart with name of the Lord and became Muhib. (One who loves God).

Scholars and groups who are the enemies of saints and the enemies of the family of the Prophet Mohammed are collaborating against Gohar Shahi.

Images of the Moon on magazines and articles
released by different companies

The attention of the public is being diverted away from the Black Stone by the instigation of bogus cases, baseless plots and negative propaganda against Gohar Shahi, whereas this is a very important and sensitive issue, as the faith of the Muslims at large is at risk. So why is there silence in respect of the investigation into this matter? Both negative and positive propaganda exists in the world, in respect of the Black Stone; now the concealment of this issue is virtually impossible.

On the other hand those scholars who do believe in saints and their teachings appear to be deaf and indifferent due to their animosity and jealousy towards Gohar Shahi. The image is so visible that it is almost impossible to deny it. These people are now saying that the Moon has now become the subject of some sorcery. Whereas, the Prophet Mohammed stated that the Moon is not affected by magic.

The scholars then say that the Black Stone too, has become affected by some magic spell. The question arises, that if the Holy Ka'aba itself can be affected by magic spells then what place remains, which the Muslims can regard as their sanctuary? In reply these scholars then provide the example and say that even the Prophet Mohammed was afflicted with magic and that the Holy Ka'aba is not greater than the Prophet Mohammed.

Indeed, the Prophet Mohammed was subjected to a magic spell but a verse (the Surah Wannas) was revealed for the remedy and the eradication of the spell. The scholars (opponents) should recite the same verse and blow their breath upon the Black Stone and the Moon, and if the images do not disappear but become even more apparent then they will have to accept the truth, otherwise it means that they are possessed by the 'father of ignorance' (Abu-Jehl).




A discovery was made in the United States of an image on the moon, of a person of Asian origin and who facially looks like a Muslim Thereafter the image was altered.


The photograph above (1) is an original photograph of the moon.


The second photograph (2) is portraying the moon. This has been modified. A part of a face and a beard have been distorted in order to show hair of the head instead of the face. The deleted face is that of a man who is clean shaven.

Photograph (3) above shows what Dinsmore attempted to introduce, as a woman's image, so as people would be led to believe that it is the image of the Virgin Mary.Artistically the chin has been reduced and the neck stream-lined and the eyes elongated.






A distortion of the signs of God is not a good omen as these images will soon become apparent and commonly visible to the whole world.





Further examples of images of the Moon on witch the image of Gohar Shahi is visible















Whether you are in the East or in the West try taking a photograph of the Moon with your personal camera from any angle and you will see these images. Then look at the corresponding images on the Moon.



From page 235 of the book shown here




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