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Is It Real???
A Genuine Photograph Of Jesus?  You Decide ...
A Remarkable Photo Taken On A Cruise Ship From Poland.
(See The Photograph Below).

Subject: Possibly A Genuine Photograph of Jesus.
Date: 6/4/2001 1:47:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi Dear Whitneay,

I am sending you a picture (photo) of Jesus, but first, I would like to tell you the story behind this photograph.  My wife's aunt is still living in Poland and she is a very religious person (Christian) as is her social circle.  A few years ago, her friends (a couple) took a kind of pilgrimage.  They traveled to Rome, and then to the Holy Land.  During their journey, they took many pictures.

When they went back to Poland they took the films to be developed.  When they went to pick up their pictures, they were in for a surprise.  On one frame of their pictures, they found an image of Jesus.

While on their trip, the couple never took a picture of any people, portrait, or painting.  And when a friend (who is psychic) meditated over this picture - she had a vision.

In her vision, she was told that this picture should never be framed, or put behind glass.  She was told that it should be displayed 'as is'.  The exact story is in their letter, that I have some where in my house.  When I can find this letter, I will be able to tell you more about this.  My wife's aunt sent this photo to my wife, and I took several new pictures of this photo and made more copies.  When I took this new film for development, I didn't say anything to the clerk about it.  When I came to pick up the prints from being developed  - the clerk, an East Indian Christian girl, asked me if she could make some copies for herself and her mother, because she was so impressed with the picture.   She told me that the moment she saw the photo, she had very strong, strange, feelings about it.

Of course, I told her to go ahead and make extra copies for herself, and for her mother, and I also told her the story about this photo.  At the present time, I have one copy on the wall over my desk and today when I was thinking of you, it came to me that I should send you a copy.

Blessings and Love,

To Copy This Photo, Right Click On It And then, Click -  'Save Image'.
This will copy the photo to your hard drive, and you can print it out later on.
Feel free to pass this photo on to others.  It holds healing energy.


June 6, 2001

"When I first was sent this beautiful photograph from my client, Pawel, I felt Blessed.  The energy in the photo goes beyond its physical beauty.  How it appeared in the photos of the traveling couple, is still a mystery that we are still trying to understand.  We are asking that those among you, who have Christian friends, and family that are in need, to copy it, and forward it, or the link to this web site, so that others might also copy it.  There is an etheric energy in the photo, that those among you who are sensitive, will feel.  I also suspect that it may have healing qualities.  You will decide how you feel about this photo.  I have decided for myself that it is not only a blessing, but a true miracle.

There is even a stray hair on the top of the head. Spiritually, it tests as authentic."
Whitneay T. Vanwells

Some Experiences That Others Have Had With The Photo:
"When I first printed the photo, I didn't pay much attention to it.
Then I noticed a feeling, a presence in it, that is soft and comforting."
H.G.,  Amarillo, TX

"When I first looked at the photo, I was really surprised.  All that I
can say is, that the photo is Love itself." C.L.  Sacramento, CA

"I believe that this photograph is real.  I think it is a gift from God
to help us in these troubled times." G.A.,  New York, NY

An Etheric Photo Of The Virgin Mary In Hungary - Click Here




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