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London (Press reporter) Saleem Shahzad, the member of MQMs coordination committee said that the Prejudice character of Ms. Asma Jehangir, Chairperson of Human Rights commission of Pakistan, has been unmasked in front of the righteous public after she provided a number of concocted statements. He further added that Ms. Asma Jehangir has transformed Human Rights Commission of Pakistan into Chauvinist Commission of Pakistan. Hence (it proves) since the seven years operation of 1992, Ms. Asma Jehangir maintained silence at the massacre of innocent public; and today when there is peace, tranquillity and brotherhood among the public, welfare developments are taking place, Ms. Asma Jehangir is hell-bent on regarding the people of Sindh as terrorist by issuing false reports. He said that the public asks Ms. Asma Jehangir and her Chauvinist Commission of Pakistan whether they have ever issued a statement against the Feudal lords, Sardars and Waderas? However Ms. Asma Jehangir continuously publishes concocted statements against Mutahida Qawmi Movement that is striving to abolish the Feudal Lord System.



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