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8th October 2007 Press Release
Ill-fated and malicious Comments of Indian Judge is abhorable,
disgusting and deplorable
9th September 2007 Urgent letter to President Pervez Musharraf from
the Representative of Imam Mehdi Younus AlGohar
7th September 2007 Stop persecuting MFI members
1st September 2007 Press Release for september 10th protest
1st September 2007 Fanaticism within the system
1st September 2007 Comments by prominent personalities---about Tablighee Jamat
1st September 2007

Food for Thought!

28th August 2007 Issue of MFI members in Tihar Jail India raised by Dr. Charles Tannock
(UK Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman and Member of EU Parliament)
27th August 2007 Caught in Crossfire
-Mid Day Newspaper
26th August 2007 Pak inmates want babies to be Indian
-Metro Now Newspaper
31st July 2007

MFI officials meet with Lord Eric Avebury

31st July 2007

Letter from UNHCR to Lord Eric Avebury regarding Mehdi Foundation International India

14th July 2007

Are the Christians and the Jews infidels in terms of Islam?

14th July 2007

Islamic Terrorism - Wrong way

9th July 2007

Pakistan sees internal revolt

8th July 2007

A Message to Gen Pervez Musharraf from
Representative of Imam Mehdi

Ra GOHAR SHAHI, Younus AlGohar

24th June 2007 Chain of Gohar's Universal Divine Mystical Order
18th June 2007 Unifying Hearts to transform humanity into one global nation
8th June 2007 A Letter the United Nations Headquarters
3rd June 2007

USCIRF report on International Religious Freedom - May, 2001: Pakistan

24th May 2007

Pakistan: USCIRF letter to President Bush for his meeting with Pakistan's Prime Minister

16th May 2007 Mehdi Foundation International UK - Press Release
26th April 2007 Correspondence to US State Department and the President of USA George Bush
26th April 2007 Open letter to the Indian Authorities


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